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9 Things About L’Andana in Celebration of our 9th Anniversary!

October 11, 2016

This month we're celebrating our nine year anniversary! We feel so honored to be a part of the Burlington community and in celebration of our anniversary, we're sharing nine key things to know about L'Andana. As they say, time flies when you're having fun! 

1. A lot has changed in Burlington since we opened our doors in 2007. There were fewer restaurants on the scene when we arrived, and the city has seen such wonderful growth. The past few years have brought the arrival of more businesses and commercial growth, including the continuous expansion of the Burlington Mall and Wayside and the arrival of numerous technology companies. It's been a treat to witness the progress and changes over time.

2. Our name evokes images of a Trattoria in the foothills of Tuscany. We embrace our namesake and offer the highest level Tuscan Italian cuisine, which is all about simple and fresh ingredients and comforting dishes. We offer inventive versions of classic entrees, with a focus on seasonal ingredients.

3. We're a part of Columbus Hospitality Group, which has six total restaurants including Mistral, Teatro, Mooo, Sorellina, and Ostra -- and two hotels, XV Beacon and the Inn at St. Botolph. As the fifth restaurant in the group, we are the only CHG restaurant outside of Boston. The level of cuisine and service at L'Andana is the same that you would find at any of our sister restaurants, and we are a true "city restaurant in the suburbs."

4. Our wood grill is what gives our meat and seafood that incomparable smoky flavor. All of our meats are cooked over an open flame, making for exquisite entrees. Some dishes that get rave reviews are the Filet Mignon, 40 Day Dry Aged Prime Ribeye, Swordfish, and Lamb Chop. The high heat perfectly sears the meat, sealing the juices inside and ensuring tenderness.

5. We keep beehives on-site at the restaurant! Our spring harvests yielded over 300 pounds of honey. The fresh honey supplies not only our restaurant, but the five other restaurants in the group as well. It goes to great use on all of the CHG menus - where it's used in many of our menu items like appetizers, desserts, and even cocktails. It's all possible thanks to the hard work of Andres Morelos, our Maintenance Engineer and resident beekeeper.

6. We have a restaurant garden and frequently incorporate freshly grown produce on our menu. In the spring and summer months our staff diligently tends to the raised beds behind the restaurant. We grow a variety of items like arugula, herbs, radishes and more. Every fall we also look forward to picking fresh apples from our apple trees to use in the kitchen. Read more about our garden here.

7. Our Executive Chef, Jeff Howe, embodies L'Andana's mission. Jeff developed our dry aging program and is committed to using the freshest ingredients possible. He's a driving force behind our garden and is invested in growing as much as possible on-site. He's been with Columbus Hospitality Group for over nine years and has worked at four out of the six restaurants. We're lucky to have him at the helm!

8. Our guests are the reason we love what we do. Our diners are the heart of everything we do at L'Andana. We feel so honored that guests join us to celebrate special occasions and that we have regulars who dine with us night after night. Our goal is to welcome each person that steps through our door, as we would family. Every member of our staff, from valets, to hostesses, to bartenders, to servers, work hard to make sure you have a memorable experience with us.

9. We are fortunate to share wonderful memories with guests who have hosted special events in our private room! We are proud to be a part of so many amazing milestones over the past nine years – from rehearsal dinners, weddings, baby & bridal showers and much more! We have built long lasting relationships with our guests that stand the test of time. We’re always thrilled when guests return to celebrate a wedding anniversary or just to say hello!

We're already thinking ahead to our 10 Year Anniversary in 2017! We are so thrilled to be celebrating nine years and can't believe that next year will make ten! We want to take this opportunity to thank our guests for their support and business. We wouldn't be here without you and we'd like to offer our sincerest appreciation. Cheers to many more years in Burlington!

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